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    • New Features rolled out on Feb 26, 2024

      Advanced Analytics Connector for Pipedrive You can now seamlessly import Pipedrive data into Zoho Analytics to gain enhanced insights. Attain a comprehensive understanding of your business processes, optimize sales strategies with detailed insights, and
    • Unified Business Analytics - An essential step to business success

      With exponential data growth today, a commonly pursued objective among businesses is Unified Business Analytics. This allows businesses to bring all their data to one place, build smart data models, and analyze data across domains—highlighting the cross-functional
    • What's New in Zoho Analytics - January 2024

      Hello users! With the onset of a new year, we're delighted to bring you new feature updates and enhancements to improve your experience. Read on to learn more about what's new in Zoho Analytics. HyperSQL - Live Connect We have enabled Live Connect for
    • [Upcoming Webinar] 7 BI trends to watch in 2024

      BI and analytics is increasingly taking center stage, as we generate and interpret business data like never before. And with the recent breakthroughs in AI, the BI space is witnessing a stream of futuristic capabilites that are transforming data into
    • 📢 : Rewind with us – Zoho Analytics in 2023🗓️

      As we wrap up 2023 and step into 2024, we at Zoho Analytics are grateful for all the customers who journeyed with us this year. While we look forward to continuously evolving and enriching your analytics experience, here's a glimpse back at some of our
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    • Joining the same table several times?

      Hello there, a (Zoho CRM) table is given with, among other things, two columns that have a company ID. The base table therefore points twice to the company table. I have set up the lookups accordingly. Base table with "CRM_Unternehmen_ID" und "CRM_übergeordnetes_Unternehmen_ID":
    • IF (formula Zoho Analytics)

      Is there any way to create an "IF" condition that can search between two values, for example: >30 but <40, or something that can say "between these two numbers" to condition a field? In Excel, it exists, but in Zoho, the logic doesn't work the same way.
    • errorCode":8504. What is wrong with my CONFIG?

      I can't determine what is wrong with my config. It worked properly until I added an additional field, but the additional field is just a number and shouldn't effect the config. I am attempting to do a bulk update add to an existing table based on this
    • Simple MTD forecast in KPI Widget

      I want to display, in a KPI widget, a simple forecast of the current month of sales. To get this forecasted number, I need to divide the current MTD sales by the number of business days elapsed in the current month, then multiply that by the total number
    • Add a report to a widget

      I have created a report with two formula columns, one of which is true/false. I would like to add this report using the formula column as a percentage (how many true/total) and show it in a widget. Please can you help me.