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    • What's New in Zoho Books - February 2024

      Hello users! We're delighted to meet you with what's new in Zoho Books from the first month of 2024. Our latest updates bring you highly requested features like the M-PESA integration in the Kenya edition, aging summary in customer statements and other
    • Update Regarding Zoho Finance Applications' Domains For API Users

      Hi users, Until now, both the Zoho Finance apps and their APIs shared a common domain. We've recently introduced separate domains for APIs. You can now start using the new domains for API calls. The old domains will not work for API users starting April
    • Apply vendor advance to multiple bills

      How do we apply a vendor advance to multiple vendor bills? Example, we pay vendor bulk amount such as retainer, they send us 20-30 bills per month, all drawing from one of the vendor advance payments, or multiple vendor advance payments.
    • Can Zoho bill for percentages of various items on a quote?

      I am evaluating alternatives to Quickbooks desktop. I'm an architect, and typically for a project I will create an "estimate" as QB calls it (or a quote) with a set fee for each phase of a project. There might be 3 to 5 phases. Each month, I bill the
    • Why can I not choose Unearned Revenue as an account on items?

      Hello, I do not understand why we don't have the ability to code an item to unearned revenue. It is not an uncommon situation to have in business. I understand that there is the Retainer invoice as an option, however that doesn't really work for us. Our