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    • Deluge - Our interim solution for Gmail's policy changes

      Earlier this month, we shared the news about the upcoming changes in Gmail's guidelines and their impact on send mail tasks in Deluge. We've since received feedback from users expressing concerns about how these changes will affect their email communications,
    • Deluge monthly roundup - October 2023

      Hello Deluge enthusiasts, Deluge has come a long way over the years, and October was no different, so let's dive right in to the highlights from the past month! toDateTimeString Rebranded Zoho Subscriptions tasks Indian locale support in toWords() - -
    • Gmail's new guidelines and their impact on Deluge

      Hello everyone, We'd like to inform you about the upcoming changes to Gmail's guidelines, set to take effect on February 1, 2024, which will have implications for send mail Deluge tasks across Zoho services. Gmail is rolling out policy changes with the
    • Introducing additional Writer integration tasks in Deluge!

      Hello everyone, We're delighted to announce the addition of new predefined Zoho Writer integration tasks powered by Deluge to our existing and ever-growing list. What integration tasks are and when to use them? Integration tasks facilitate transferring
    • Deluge in Zoho services #5: Zoho Connect

      Hello everyone, Greetings from Deluge! Whoosh 🌬️ That's how quickly the first two months of 2023 came to an end, and now we're in full speed ahead! We hope you found the previous post in this series useful and are now back with our latest post. Basically,
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    • Issue with JSON Formatting in invokeURL task

      Hello Zoho Community, I'm reaching out for assistance with an issue I've encountered while trying to integrate Zoho with HubSpot using a webhook trigger. Despite following documentation and trying various configurations, I consistently encounter an "Error
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      • Function #41: Sync Associated Subforms!

        Welcome back everyone! The last custom function showed how to update a Contact with Product details from it's Related list in Deals. This week, let's look at a function that lets you update subform records in two modules simultaneously when one of them is updated. Business scenario Let's look at how subform helps in an education institution that has deployed Zoho CRM. National Public School, Austin (made up, of course!) has set up Zoho CRM and it follows the same relationship pattern of "Students",