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    • Alert trigger for user while creating a new trip in Zoho Expense

      Hello everyone, I created one custom field. I need to create a custom alert/validation for that field. For Ex: User, only needs to select the trip date after 30 days from current date. Like Zoho CRM or Zoho Creator, we not unable to write code in Zoho
    • No email notification for Comments made in Purchase Request

      Currently, there is no email notification to requestor and approvers when a comment is made in a Purchase Request. During the approval process, there are always some back-and-forth discussions about the request. Without email notification, it is not possible
    • Cannot reorder fields in Page Layout in Expenses and Purchase Requests

      It is very inconvenient that the custom fields in Page Layout cannot be re-ordered. The only way is to remove the fields and re-create them; however, it is impractical. This would affect the reports and dashboards we are having. Not able to re-order the