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    • Zoho Flow turns 5

      Hello everyone, We're happy to share with you that Zoho Flow has completed 5 years since its launch in 2018. With an objective of simplifying the need for custom integrations amongst everyday cloud apps, we launched the platform supporting 100 cloud apps
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    • Create sending email template with 15 day delay

      Hello, I need to create a chain in which when a phase is updated in deal. For example, updating a deal to a proposal won in Zoho CRM, a Zoho CRM email template is sent after 15 days to that contact of the deal that It was updated. How would it be done?
    • Add ability sort and filter custom functions by date created and last updated

      Hello, Scenario: Sometimes, when creating a custom function, if for some reason, one leaves the custom function mid-way, one challenge I have experienced is that sometimes one forgets the name of the custom function in progress, which makes it very hard
    • Setting dates for Flows or MA throughout the year

      I'd like to as if there is any way to do something in Zoho One. Here's the details: I hold an event several times per year, and know in advance the dates the event will take place. For instance, this year the events will take place July 23, September
    • Update Detail View with Zoho Flow

      How do I update the detail view of a Lead using Zoho Flow?
    • Problem in comparison logic

      Hello team, I have a custom function called BuscaCandidatoxRutQA, which presents a simple logic, use COQL to search under a criterion if there is a person as a candidate in CRM, if there is, it returns their record id, otherwise it returns 0 int BuscaCandidatoxRutQA(string