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    • Outlook EAS broken with version 2401

      I have several clients (at separate locations) that have recently had their outlook updated. Since the update, they can no longer receive emails through EAS. I can send emails just fine through outlook but no incoming mail comes in. Microsoft® Outlook®
    • Unable to sign in Refresh Token Fetch Nothing was Received

      I reset my ZOHO mail password last night and therefore signed out of all devices. When I went back to sign into the ZOHO MAIL IOS app, it came back with the following error typed exactly like this "Unable to sign in RefreshToken Fetch Nothing was Received."
    • Delete Zoho Mail

      How do I delete my primary email from zoho mail? NOT my account email!!! The emails I've added from my domain to be used for zoho apps. Zoho mail has single handedly destroyed all communication within my business and I'm seeing nothing but huge problems
    • Unified View Desk Tasks

      In the unified view of the tasks, It is not possible to have the tasks of all the services in Zoho Desk. We have to choose a service to display but It's not really the purpose of the unified view
    • Email Search not working

      Today the email search stopped working. Any criteria results in no matches found. Its happening on all users.