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    • Share and Co-work in your Notebooks!

      Hi All, Earlier last year, we added the capability to share note cards with your peers and friends, with either read or write access. Since then, we’ve received a lot of requests from our users to share entire notebooks, and we’ve obliged. We're glad
    • Export your notes from Notebook!

      Dear users, The long awaited feature is now live. Yes, you can now export your notes from Notebook app in bulk. But the feature has just started with web app alone for now. You can try the export feature as mentioned below: Go to our web app, https://notebook.zoho.com Go to 'Settings' > 'Export' Now, select the format: You can select either ZNote or HTML Once done, you can use the same to import or can have this a local backup of your notes. Note: Export for other platforms are in development and
    • Samsung Keyboard Issues with Notebook

      Dear Users, We're sorry to inform you that some of our users are experiencing certain issues like scrolling, delay/lag, cursor placement especially within the text notes. This occurs mainly due to Samsung Keyboard compatibility with Android 13 and some
    • Private Sharing - Share notes with only people you choose

      We know that some of you have been waiting for this feature. Yes, Notebook now supports Private Sharing, where you can share notes with only the people you want.  Private Sharing allows you, the account owner, to share notes securely with people you trust… and only them. To Share a note: 1. Open a note. 2. Click/Tap on the “Add User” icon placed on the action tool bar. 3. Click/Tap  “Add Members" 4. Enter the email address or mobile number of users you want to share the note with. 5. Select the user
    • Ask the Experts - Zoho Notebook

      Notebook turns six and we're hosting an Ask the Experts session to allow our users to interact with the team and share their feedback.   This is our first ATE session and we plan to keep it as a general discussion, so you can share feedback about Notebook,
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    • Capture Documents as PDFs

      I'm coming from Evernote. They had a piece of software called "Scannable" that allowed you to scan paper documents and save them. It detected the edges and everything and turned your phone into a document scanner. Zoho Notebook has the same thing in their
    • Weird Text Format Issues between Desktop and Mobile

      I believe this is a side server bug as this only started to happen as of February 17. So when I create a note on mobile and then when I view it on desktop for some reason, every line gets double margined so for example on mobile if you do: Test Test Test
    • I am unable to sync my clippings with the note web clipper.

      I am a pro subscriber of Zoho notebook. I am facing issues while clipping my notes through webclipper, even after clipping notes in reader view on web the note while shows its saved but it does not shows up neither in windows app, android or web notebook.
    • Linked Video Cards Not Displaying Properly

      I attached a screenshot. This is on Android. For some reason, video cards are shown as pitch black so if you have Dark Mode on you won't know if they're there unless you click. Is there a way to fix this?
    • Feature Request Submissions

      How can a customer submit a feature request?
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      • Migrate your Notebook data to the new, mobile Notebook.

        Zoho Notebook is transforming. The new version will include exciting new features and a completely new user experience. The initial version will be mobile based, available for Android and iOS. A new web version will be available after the initial mobile release.   With the release of the new Notebook approaching, we're migrating most of your current data to the new version. Once the new version is released, there will be an additional window to migrate your data. We will not provide access to the