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    • Projects Health Status

      I need to automate the Project Health Status in Zoho Projects to display as Red, Green, or Amber based on specific criteria. How can I achieve this?
    • how to make multiple portals for my sub-brands?

      Hello, as example: I have main Brand called X and sub brands called Y , Z, in my portals i can see only X. the question is: How i can add portals for Y and Z so i can manage all my brands from one place. thanks in advance
    • Zoho Bug Tracker - Error

      When I try to enter an issue in Zoho Bug Tracker, my colleagues are unable to click the "Add Issue" button, even though I can. Despite changing their access permissions, the problem persists. I'm attaching a video for your reference.
    • How to customize task status to specific task?

      Hi, I have the 'standard' 4 task statuses for most of the tasks in the project. However for a specific task that I've created in project template. I want to show the fifth task status option. Example: The last task on the ONBOARDING task list is "Go-Live
    • Project template Zoho execution

      Hello guys, Is there a Zoho Project template for the execution of all Zoho apps for clients? From changing DNS records to connect Zoho and send from Zoho all the way to the most complicated apps to implement when the client has grown exponentially? Thank

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      • Building extensions #10: Fetch customized user inputs, store them globally at the app level, and access them across entities

        This data storage concept enables you to store data related to your extension for both entity properties and extension properties. In our previous piece, we looked at how to store data for entities using entity properties. In this post, we'll look at
      • Tip # 3 - Follow And Add Followers To Your Project Modules

        Besides owning effective managers and quick-witted employees, you need to have supportive followers for accomplishing your project goals. Accompanying this note, today, lets run through a quick and easy tip on  'How to follow and add followers to your project activities?' . Follow the project activities all by yourself -Follow to get real-time milestone updates Milestones are nothing but your project goals, which can ultimately uplift your projects' quality to the next level. Now, users in the portal
      • Building extensions #9: Store, retrieve, and access entity-specific data in widgets using data storage

        Data storage - Overview Storing data related to the extension you are working on is essential. It can be saved as key-value pairs for an entity or extension, known as entity and extension properties, respectively. Data can be saved for the following entities
      • Project Billing with the Staff Hours Method in Zoho Projects

        The Staff Hours Billing Method in Zoho Projects allows you to bill your clients based on the actual time spent by each team member on a project, at the rate set for each user. This is useful for projects where different skill sets are needed and service
      • Project Management via Emails in Zoho Projects

        We write mails to communicate. In Zoho Projects, we can write mails to collaborate. Yes, Zoho Projects supports Email based project management. The mails that you send turn into tasks, bugs, project comments, forum replies, etc. The following are some of the frequently asked questions that might be of some help to you. What are the pre-requisites to manage my projects through Emails? You need to have a personal / business mail ID that is registered and confirmed with accounts.zoho.com To learn more