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    • SalesIQ - how can I have Zobot jump in as soon as a chat is opened?

      At the moment, we're forced to use a pre-chat form, but these feels a bit redundant now there is Zobot. There needs to be a toggle to turn this off (which there currently isn't) - to allow a bot to jump straight into a chat. Like every other live chat
    • Booking Page not showing the dates

      Book an appointment select date issue We have the above issue that we are able see the calender dates when we book the appointment in chrome where they are not showing in firefox. Please help us on this issue.
    • Silos within Zoho Development teams for different Apps?

      Hello, We started new with Zoho ecosystem. It is wonderful experience to see how every aspect of business is accommodated. At one end, when one gets excited to see the requirement covered; however that experience is not consisted across apps. One such
    • Zobot not working as intended/usual

      Hi, My Zobot is not working as intended. Here is what should appear on Facebook : BUT what is does on Facebook is : It's skipping the second frame, the card button with 8 options and it goes directly to another button card... This comportment changed
    • How can I pause visitor score from increasing based on lead status?

      Is it possible to freeze a visitor score or to copy it to another field in the crm when the lead becomes sold?