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    • Zoho Tables - Form Submit

      Just like we have a SUBMIT button on a form we have to have its complement - the CANCEL button - so we can go back if we choose to not create a table entry via the form.
    • Primary Key

      It appears to me calling this a database cannot be true if I am allowed to enter duplicate information in the primary key field. Am I doing something wrong? How do I make a composite key?
    • Duplicated Record email re-direct

      Sorry I hit send too fast. When the trigger sent the email there is a link to the offending (in this case a duplicated record) record except when the link is clicked it goes to the base and not to the record on the table in the base that has been du
    • Zoho Tables - Form default entry

      How so I set a form field to be populated with an entry from another table? I created a view on my source table limiting the results to just the one thing I want to see. When adding a Client via my Add Client form, I want the Client Type field to already
    • Duplicated Record redirect via email

      Manually creating a duplicate entry in a primary key field does not trigger my automation but creating a duplicate entry in a primary key field using the check box does trigger my automation A duplication is a duplication and must trigger an automation