Add, Edit and Delete Accounts

            In a typical Business to Business (B2B) scenario, Account represents a Company or a Department within the company, for which you provide customer support. You can associate an account with contacts (persons) within the company who send in support tickets through one of the many channels you have enabled in Zoho Desk. 

            Adding an Account
            Typically, accounts can be added in your help desk in the following ways. 
            • Agents can manually create accounts and associate contacts with them.
            • Map your customer accounts with their related contacts in an XLS or CSV file and import them.
            • Link your help desk with Zoho CRM and schedule an automatic sync for the Accounts module. 

            To add a new account:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (E.g., Tickets, Customers, etc.) 
            2. Select Customers from the Modules menu. 
            3. Click the Accounts tab in the lower-left corner.
            4. In the Accounts Home page, click the Add icon ( ) from the top pane. 
            5. Enter the account details on the Add Account page.
            6. Click Submit

            • You must specify the name of the Account. This field is mandatory.
            • The agent who adds a new account will be set as the account's owner. However, you can specify a different agent using the drop-down menu in the Account Owner field. 

            Editing an Account
            You can edit an existing account to add more context to it. 
            To edit account individually:
            1. Open an account to view its details. 
            2. Click the More Actions icon ( ) from the top pane and then click Edit
            3. On the Edit Account page, perform the necessary edits and click Save.

            You can also edit an account from the Account List View page. In the list view, hover your mouse over an account and click the Edit icon ( ) to edit the same. 

            Deleting an Account
            Occasionally you may need to remove some of the unnecessary accounts from Zoho Desk. 
            To delete accounts individually:
            1. Open an account to view its details.
            2. Click the More Actions icon (  ) from the top pane and then click Delete
            3. Click Delete to confirm. 
            When you delete an account, all of its contacts, tickets, tasks, time entries, and contracts will be moved to the Recycle Bin.
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