Add, Edit and Delete Tasks

            A task is a specific piece of work required to be completed within a given time frame. Agents can create tasks that can be either associated with a ticket or stay stand-alone. Tasks are listed in the Zoho Desk home page, Tasks home page, and inside their corresponding tickets.

            Adding a Task
            Typically, tasks are added to your help desk in the following ways: 
            • Agents can manually create tasks and associate them with tickets.
            • Create a task and assign it to a user, upon triggering a Workflow rule.
            • Map tasks with their related tickets in an XLS or CSV file and import them.

            To add a new task:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (E.g., Tickets, Tasks, etc.) 
            2. Select Tasks from the Modules menu. 
            3. Click the Add icon ( ) from the top bar.
            4. On the Add Task page, fill in the details about the task. 
            5. Click Submit

            • Tasks will be closed, only when the Status of the task is updated as Completed.
            • The status, Completed, is a system defined field. An alternate custom field with the same label will not close the task automatically.
            Once the task is created, you can add attachments to it. For example, you can attach documents, screen shots or video snippets that can assist your agents to fix an issue or a bug. 

            To add an attachment:
            1. In the Tasks module, open a task in its detail view. 
            2. In the Task Details page, click the Attachments tab. 
            3. Click the Add icon ( ) to upload a file.

            You can click the Delete icon ( ) corresponding to the files to delete them. 

            Set Reminders
            There are three options for task reminders:
            • Alert through Email
            • Alert through SMS
            • Alert through Pop-up
            To set reminders for tasks:
            1. Open the task for which you want to set reminders.
            2. In the Task Details page, click the Edit icon ( ) in the header. 
            3. Toggle the Set Reminder option to ON. 
            4. Choose the date and time for the reminder.
            5. Choose Alert Through Email, SMS or Pop-up as required.
            6. Click Save.
            Editing a Task
            You can edit an existing task to add more context to it.
            To edit task individually:
            1. Open a task to view its details. 
            2. Click the Edit icon ( ) in the header of the task details page.
            3. In the Edit Task page, perform the necessary edits and click Save
            You can also edit a task from the Task List View page. In the list view, hover your mouse over a task and click the Edit icon ( ) to edit the same. 

            Deleting a Task
            Occasionally you may need to remove some of the unnecessary tasks from Zoho Desk.
            To delete tasks individually:
            1. Open a task to view its details.
            2. Click the Delete icon ( ) in the header of the task details page. 
            3. Click OK to confirm. 
            When you delete a task, it will be moved to the Recycle Bin in your help desk.
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