Associate Contacts with an Account

            Accounts are collections of your contacts or the end-users. A contact can belong to only one account. By grouping your contacts into accounts, you can keep track of the support tickets received from those accounts. Contacts can also view the other tickets that were raised from their account in the Help Center. This reduces the number of duplicate tickets, which otherwise would have been raised for the same issue.

            You can associate contacts to an account in the following ways:
            • Agents can manually associate contacts to accounts.
            • Map your customer accounts with their related contacts in an XLS or CSV file and import them.
            • Link your help desk with Zoho CRM and schedule an automatic sync for the Accounts and Contacts module. 

            To associate contacts with an account:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (E.g., Tickets, Customers, etc.) 
            2. Select Customers from the Modules menu. 
            3. Click Accounts on the lower-left corner.
            4. Open an account to view its details. 
            5. Click the Contacts tab at the top of the Account Details page.
            6. On the Contacts page, click the Add icon ( ) icon. 
            7. Select the contacts you would like to associate. 
            8. Click Associate Contact.

            The contacts will be associated with the account. You can search for the contacts using the search box or by clicking the alphabet links displayed on to your right. You can also click the Next
            icon ( ) to navigate to the next set of contacts. 

            Now that you have associated the contact, the next time you submit a ticket for it, the account details will be filled automatically. 

            Disassociating Contacts from an Account
            When a contact doesn't belong to an account anymore, you can disassociate it from an account. Here is how you could do it:
            1. Open an account to view its details. 
            2. Click the Contacts tab at the top of the Account Details page.
            3. Hover you mouse over a contact and then click the Remove icon ( ).
            4. Click Remove.
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