Can I change the currency of the records?

            Yes. You can change the currency of the records in Zoho CRM. But this is subject to certain conditions.

            If you have NOT enabled Multi-currency:

            You can change the default currency by changing the Locale Information under Setup > General > Company Details > Locale Information > Manage Multiple Currencies. Select the currency that you want. The currency you set will apply to all records across CRM.

            If you have enabled Multi-currency:

            You can also change the currency for an individual record by editing it.

            1. Go to a module and select a record.
            2. In the Record's Details page, click Edit
            3. Select the desired currency from the Currency picklist field.
            4. Click Save. The currency is now updated only for this record. 

              Note: You cannot mass update currency for a group of records.

            Updated: 13 Sep 2017 02:49 AM
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