Can I create two leads under the same company account? If so, can all those leads be added as contacts to an Account?

            You can't directly add multiple leads/contacts under a single company in Zoho CRM.  
            However, you can follow these steps to add multiple leads:

            1. Create a lead with the company name. Click on the Leads tab, select the Company field and enter the company name.
            2. Create a custom field to specify that the leads belong to the same company. Learn how to create custom fields. 
            3. Create a custom view to group leads which belong to the same company. Click here for more information.
            4. When you convert the lead to a contact, you will get a message asking if you'd like to associate it with the existing account.
            5. Click Convert.
            Updated: 16 Aug 2017 04:27 AM
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