Can I include only the first name or last name in the email template?

            Yes, you can use only the first name or last name in the email template as per your requirement. Let's you want to send an email where only the First Name of the lead needs to be mentioned. Follow these steps to do so:

            1. Click Setup > Customization > Templates > Email Templates.
            2. Click on the +New Template button. 
            3. Select the module for which the Email template has to be created from the drop-down list and click Next for the Template Gallery page.
            4. In the Edit Email Template page, follow these steps:
            • Select Leads from the Available Merge fields drop-down list.
            • For the list of merge fields to appear, type # in the text area and choose First Name or Last Name from the drop-down list.

                 5. Click Save.

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