Can I restrict the reports only to certain selected users?

            Yes. You can restrict the reports only to certain selected users, roles, or groups. You can do so by creating a Report Folder and giving access to the users, roles, or groups. Follow the steps given below to create a report folder with restricted access:
            1. Click the Reports tab.
            2. In the Reports home page, click Create New Report Folder.
            3. In the Create New Report Folder page, do the following:
              1. Enter the Folder Name.
              2. Enter the Folder Description.
              3. Under Accessibility Details, choose any of the following, as required.
                • Show this Template Folder only to me: Select if you would like to enable the folder access only to you.
                • Allow the following users to view this Template Folder: Select the users or user roles that can access the folder.
            4. Click Save.
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