Closing and Re-opening Tasks

            Closing and Re-opening Tasks

            Once you've completed a task assigned to you, you must change the status of the task as Completed. When a task is associated with a ticket, you or the other agents will update the same to your customer.

            To close a task:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (E.g., Tickets, Tasks, etc.)
            2. Select Tasks from the Modules menu.
            3. Open the task that you want to close.
            4. In the Task Details page, click the Task Status field. 
            5. Click Completed from the status drop-down

            The task is set as completed and the time stamp of closure will be updated. 

            • Tasks will be closed, only when the Status of the task is updated as Completed.
            • The status, Completed, is a system defined field. An alternate custom field with the same label will not close the task automatically.
            Sometimes, you may need to reopen a task after it was closed. For example, a customer might report that their support issue was not resolved. In these situations, you can re-open a completed task and work on it. 

            To re-open a task:
            1. Open a task you want to re-open to view its details.
            2. In the Task Details page, click the Edit icon ( ) in the header. 
            3. In the Edit Task page, set the status of the task to anything other than Completed.
            4. Click Save.
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