Know your Customers | Contact and Account Information

            Zoho Desk displays an overview for each of your customers to help you better understand their interaction with your help desk. The following are the information displayed on the details page of your contacts and accounts:
            1. Customer Activity: Keep a tab on all the work that is done to resolve tickets under the Activity tab. It shows the date and time when a particular activity was carried out, the name of the agent responding to the tickets, the status of the tickets, etc.

            2. Tickets by Status: The Overview tab, shows the total count of tickets received from the customer. It also displays the number of tickets that are currently open and overdue. Open tickets are those that are awaiting a response from the agents, while those that weren't resolved within the due period are considered Overdue. You can click the numbers to view their respective tickets under the Tickets tab.

            3. Tickets by channels: This donut graph shows the number of tickets received from the customer through each channel. Each pie slice depicts a channel type, while its size corresponds to its percentage share. You can hover your mouse pointer over each pie to know their detailed numbers.

            4. Customer Happiness Rating: You can monitor the ratings left by a contact or an account on its detail page. By default, the overall happiness percentage and the total number of ratings will be displayed. You can click the widget to view the ratings by Good, Okey, and Bad. You can also read through their detailed feedback under the Happiness Rating tab.

            5. First Response Time: Customers expect that they receive a response within a reasonable amount of time since they submit their ticket. The first response time is the time between a ticket getting created and its first reply by an agent. You can view the average response time for a contact or an account on its details page. 

            6. Average Response Time: The ticket response time is the average time taken by the agents to respond to a customer ticket. 

            7. Average Resolution Time: The ticket resolution time is the average time taken by the agents to resolve the tickets to the satisfaction of the customer. As a rule of thumb, the lower the resolution time the better.
            To view the above information for a Contact:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (E.g., Tickets, Customers, etc.) 
            2. Select Customers from the Modules menu. 
            3. Open a contact to view its detail.
            You can also click the Contact's Name from inside a ticket to access the contact Overview page.

            To view the above information for an Account:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (E.g., Tickets, Customers, etc.) 
            2. Select Customers from the Modules menu.
            3. Click the Accounts tab from the lower-left corner.  
            4. Open an account to view its detail.
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