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            Configuring Zoho Desk for G Suite

            Are you using G Suite (formerly Google Apps) for business? You can now make it easier for your business teams to collaborate and share information by configuring Zoho Desk for G Suite.

            • Easily import your business contacts from G Suite to the Zoho Desk Contacts module and then share with other help desk users.
            • Add users from G Suite to Zoho Desk as agents.
            • Log in to Zoho Desk from Google's Universal Navigation bar with your G Suite credentials.

            Activating Zoho Desk from G Suite
            Zoho Desk for G Suite is available in the G Suite Marketplace. G Suite users with the Super Administrator role can activate Zoho Desk for G Suite. 

            On Activation:
            • When you have a Zoho Desk account (Professional or Enterprise Edition), you will be able to access all the features.
            • When you do not have a Zoho Desk account, you will be signed up for a 15-day Trial on the Enterprise Edition. You can access all the features until the end of the trial period.

            To activate Zoho Desk from G Suite, follow these steps:
            1. Log in to G Suite with the Super Administrator's privilege.
            2. In the Admin Console page, click Marketplace Apps.
              The services that you have added will be listed.
            3. Click the Add services icon.
            4. Click the Shop the Marketplace link.
            5. In the G Suite Marketplace, search for the Zoho Desk application.
            6. From the search results, select Zoho Desk and click Add it Now.
              Next, agree to the terms of services and grant data access.
            7. In the Agree to terms of service page, review and click I agree. Continue.
            8. In the Grant data access page, review the list of Google data APIs and click Grant data access.
              The service will be added.
            You can now access Zoho Desk from the Google's Universal Navigation bar using either your G Suite or Zoho Desk (when you create one) credential. 

            New to Zoho?
            If you are a first time user, you must create a Zoho account for your G Suite domain to access other Zoho products (like Zoho Mail).
            To create a Zoho account:
            1. Log in to G Suite with the Super Administrator's privilege.
            2. In the G Suite Dashboard or Google Universal Navigation, click Zoho Desk application.
            3. Open a new tab in the same browser window that is running your Zoho Desk application.
            4. In the New Tab, go to   
            5. In the Zoho Mail page, enter the Username for your Zoho Account.
              The username will be used to create your email address ( in Zoho.
            6. Click Submit to create the email address. 
            7. Sign out from all your Zoho sessions.
            Now that you have created the email address, you must set a password before you can sign in with it.

            To create a password:
            1. Click Sign In in the top-right corner of the page.
            2. In the Sign In page, click Forgot Password.
            3. In the Password Reset Request page, enter the email address that was created through the above steps.
            4. Enter the Image Verification Text.
            5. Click Request.
            You will receive a password reset link at your ********** email address. Create a password and continue to log in to Zoho Desk or other Zoho applications using the credentials.

            • Your G Suite domain email address will be the primary email address in Zoho.
            • You can access your Zoho Desk account using either your G Suite or Zoho credentials.

            Adding G Suite Users to Zoho Desk
            After creating a Zoho Desk account, users with the Super Administrator's privilege can add users from G Suite to Zoho Desk. By default, the system will assign the CEO role and Agent User profile to the users. We recommend that you update the roles and profiles of agents after you add them in Zoho Desk.
            To add users from G Suite:
            1. In G Suite, click the Apps icon (  ).
            2. Click More, and then click Zoho Desk.
              You will be redirected to Zoho Desk.
            3. In Zoho Desk, click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            4. In the Setup Landing page, click G Suite under Others.
            5. In the Add Users page, select the users you want to add.
            6. Click OK.
              The selected users will be added to your Zoho Desk account.
            The users will receive an invitation email to their registered email address. They must accept the invite to access your Zoho Desk account. 

            • You can add users based on your license limit in Zoho Desk.
            • For Professional and Enterprise customers, if you exceed the license limit after the 15-day trial, users will be deactivated until you buy additional licenses. 
            • After subscribing for the additional licenses, re-invite the deactivated users from Setup > Organization >  Agents > Inactive page.
            • The users that you import will be assigned the CEO Role and Agent Profile in Zoho Desk.

            Adding G Suite Contacts to Zoho Desk
            You might have a lot of contact information about your customers stored in your G Suite account. The Import Contacts feature helps you import contacts from G Suite to Zoho Desk. This way, you can access your Google contacts from Zoho Desk, without having to sign in to your Google account. The imported contacts will be assigned to you in Zoho Desk.
            To import contacts from G Suite:
            1. In G Suite, click the Apps icon (  ).
            2. Click More, and then click Zoho Desk.
              You will be redirected to Zoho Desk.
            3. In Zoho Desk, click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            4. In the Setup Landing page, click G Suite under Others.
            5. In the Zoho Desk for G Suite page, click the Contacts tab.
            6. Under Import Contacts section, select the contacts you want to import.
            7. Click OK.
            8. In the Map Fields page, map the help desk fields with G Suite fields and then click Next.
              The selected contacts will be imported into your Zoho Desk account.

            • You need to log in to G Suite only the very first time you want to import contacts.
            • It is strongly recommended to import only business contacts to Zoho Desk.
            • While importing contacts, a duplicate check is performed automatically.
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