Following your Customers

            Your customer service is one of the most important factors in determining your customer's satisfaction. Ensure that your customers are treated the best by following them in Zoho Desk. You can follow customers who are irate, HNW clients or who are associated with your highest level SLA to keep you up-to-date of their activities. When you follow customers, their tickets, email conversations, comments and other events will populate in your Notification Center. 

            To follow a contact:
            1. Open a contact to view its details.
            2. Click the More Actions icon ( ) from the top pane.
            3. Click Follow from the menu.

            You can now track the contact's activities under the Notification Center. When you don't want to monitor a contact, you can unfollow it. 

            To unfollow a contact:
            1. Open a contact to view its details.
            2. Click the More Actions icon (  ) from the top pane.
            3. Click Unfollow from the menu.
            You can pursue the above steps to follow or unfollow your Zoho Desk Accounts in their Detail page.  

            Viewing Customer Activities
            You can monitor the activities of the customers that you follow in Zoho Desk under the Notification Center. 
            To access your Notification Center:
            1. Login to your Zoho Desk account. 
            2. Click the Notifications icon ( ) in the upper-right corner of the page.
              The Notification Center window will be opened.
            You can view the activities of the customers you follow in Zoho Desk. Also, you can click on an event to view it in more detail.
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