How can I activate multiple currencies for my organization?

            Multi-currency support in Zoho CRM lets you carry out business transactions with multiple currencies in the global marketplace.  

            As the Administrator, you can activate this feature by adding the home currency. Once the multi-currency is activated, it cannot be deactivated.

            On activation:

            • The system takes a while to apply Home Currency to the existing records in the CRM account.
            • All users with the Administrator profile will receive an email informing them that the multi-currency feature has been activated for the organization's CRM account.
            • The exchange rates for the existing records will automatically be set as 1.
            • The Currency Locale field will no longer be available under Setup > General > Company Details.

            To activate multiple currencies and add a home currency

            1. Click Setup > General > Company Details > Locale Information > Manage multiple currencies.
            2. In the Currencies page, select the Home Currency from the drop-down list.
            3. Note that the home currency cannot be changed, unless you place a special request. The format of the selected currency will be shown.
            4. Click the Customize link to change the following:
              1. Select the Thousand Separator from the drop-down list.
              2. Select the Decimal Places from the drop-down list.
              3. Select the Decimal Separator from the drop-down list.
              4. Click OK and then click Confirm.

            Updated: 12 Sep 2017 11:25 PM
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