How can I add the existing accounts to a campaign?

            You can add the existing accounts to a campaign by following the steps given below:
            1. Create a Lookup field for Accounts. A Related List will also be created for the Campaigns.

              For example:
                    Label: Campaign Source  (This field will be available for Accounts)
                    Lookup Type: Campaigns (You will be able to select campaign records from the lookup field)
                    Related List Label: Accounts (A Related List will be created for Campaigns)

              For more information, see Creating Lookup Fields

            2. In the Accounts tab, select the record that you want to add to the campaign.
            3. Edit the record and choose the Campaign Source from the lookup. Click Save.
              The account will be added to the campaign.
            4. In the Campaigns tab, select the campaign for which the account is added.
              The account details will be listed under the Accounts Related List.    
            Updated: 15 Oct 2010 05:09 AM
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