How can I customize the Home tab?

            You can customize the Home tab by taking these steps:
            • Add, edit, and delete components - You can use the Add Components option to add new components to your home page. You can also edit the Component Name, Column Layout, and the Custom View used in the component and delete the ones that you do not require.
            • View bar, funnel, and pie charts - You can add components from dashboards and view the data that is represented in bar, funnel, and pie charts.
            • Switch to classic view - The classic view mode displays the Tasks List View, Today's Events and pipeline by stage. You can also view Today's Events in the classic view mode.
            • Export tasks and events - The tasks and events that are listed in the CRM account can be exported in the CSV file format.
            See also, Customize Home Page.

            Updated: 06 Jun 2017 03:22 AM
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