FAQs Zoho Desk Getting Started Introduction

            How can I respond to tickets?

            Now that you've received an open ticket, you must reply to it. You should have noticed that the person who has sent the ticket initiates the conversation. Just above the conversation is the Reply All link which can be used when there are multiple recipients for the ticket and you want to respond to all of them. Click Reply All to open the editor window.

            If there are multiple recipients involved and you want to reply to just the person who has sent the ticket, click Reply ( from the drop-down list ).
            Within the editor, compose your response for the ticket. You can click  to write richly formatted responses that deliver more than just plain old text to your customers. When you're done composing, click the Send button at the top of your editor window. This will complete your action of responding to a ticket. You can also click Send & Close to send a reply and close the ticket simultaneously. 

            Your recent response will now be listed just below the title of the ticket.

            You can view the date and the time at which you sent the reply. 
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