How can I send mass emails to 2000 contacts?

            In Zoho CRM, you can send only 250 mass emails per day. Mass emailing includes emails sent using the following features:
            • Autoresponders
            • Mass Email
            • Scheduling Mass Emails     
            There are two options by which you can send out bulk emails from Zoho CRM to 2000 contacts.

            First Option - You can increase your mass email limit up to 2250 per day for a reasonable price. Please contact us at to increase your mass email limit. See Also Mass Email Limit

            Second Option - You can send bulk emails in batches. Suppose you need to send bulk emails to 2000 contacts from USA, you can do the following:
            1. Create a custom pick list field for contacts, namely Mail Sent Status. You can specify the values as 'Sent' and 'Not Sent'.
            2. Create a custom list view that filters only those contacts to whom you need to send emails. The criteria can be, Country is USA and Mail Sent Status is Email Not Sent.
            You can select 250 contacts from the list view and send them a mass email. Once the email is sent, you need to use the Mass Update feature to change the Mail Sent Status as 'Sent'. Doing so will exclude the contacts (for which email is sent) from the list view. This way you can make sure that an email is not sent twice to the same contact.

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            Updated: 23 May 2017 05:45 AM
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