How can I set up the unsubscribe form in my email templates?

            You can use the unsubscribe form to allow the email recipients to opt out from your next follow-up and avoid Anti-SPAM complaints. To setup the unsubscribe form, follow these steps:

            1. Click Settings > Setup > Automation > Web Forms > Unsubscribe Form. 

            2. In the Unsubscribe Form, follow these steps:

            a. Provide the Return URL and generate the HTML code for the form.

            b. Use the HTML code to publish the form in the web page.

            c. Provide the web page (where the unsubscribe form is published) as a link in the email template.

            Note: The HTML code cannot be embedded directly in your email template. For more information, see Set up Unsubscription Form

            Updated: 11 May 2017 06:23 AM
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