How can I track the leads/contacts to whom I have sent emails in bulk?

            You can send bulk emails in batches and still keep track of the leads/contacts to whom you have sent the mails. Suppose you need to send bulk emails to contacts from USA, follow these steps:
            1. Create field - You need to create a custom pick list field for contacts, namely, Mail Sent Status. You can specify the values as 'Sent' and 'Not Sent'.

            2. Create a custom list view - You need to then create a custom list view that filters only those contacts to whom you need to send emails. The criteria can be:
              Country is USA

              Mail Sent Status
              is Not Sent

            3. Send mass emails - Select the leads/contacts from the list view that you created and send mass emails.

            4. Mass update - Use the Mass Update feature to update the Mail Sent Status field value as 'Sent' for all the leads/contacts records to whom the emails have been sent. Doing so will exclude the contacts (for which email is sent) from the list view. This way you can make sure that an email is not sent twice to the same contact.

            Updated: 27 Sep 2017 12:42 AM
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