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            How do I change my payment method from annual to monthly?

            You can change your payment method from annual to monthly by first downgrading your account to the Free Edition.
            Read more on downgrading your account. The refund will be made on a pro-rate basis.

            After downgrading your account, upgrade back to the Edition you want and select the payment method.

            Follow these steps to upgrade your edition and payment method:

            1. Click Settings > Subscription.
            2. In the Zoho Store page, choose the edition you want.
            3. Click Upgrade to choose the Edition to which you want to upgrade.
            4. Under the Edition Details, select the payment frequency as Monthly.
            5. Specify the number of user licenses that you want to purchase.
            6. Select additional Storage, if required, from the drop-down list.
            7. Click Continue.
            8. Review the purchase details and click Confirm.
            9. Under the Payment Details section, enter the Payment Details and click Make Payment.
            10. Your Zoho CRM account will be upgraded accordingly. 

            If you face any delays with your refund, please write to If you have further questions about managing your subscription please write a mail to One of our executives will get back to you at the earliest.

            Updated: 04 Aug 2017 12:01 AM
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