How do I configure my company or personal email account inside CRM?

            When you configure the Mail Add-on feature in Zoho CRM, by default, the Zoho mail account is configured. This means that in your CRM account, the Email tab will display Zoho Mailbox. However, when you send emails to your leads or contacts, the From email address will be based on the primary email address in your Zoho CRM account. If you goto Setup > Add-ons > Zoho Mail Add-on and save the default settings (Zoho Mailbox that is selected) then Zoho email address will overwrite the primary email address. You will no longer get your primary email address when you send emails to leads, contacts, etc.

            You can change you Mailbox to your comapny or personal email account by following the steps given below:
            1. Log in to Zoho CRM.
            2. Open the Zoho Mail service at: or click the Email tab in your CRM account.
            3. In Zoho Mail, click Settings icon > Mail Accounts > Add Mail Account.
            4. Enter the required details to configure POP service for your Email account.
              Under the Mail Server Information, you need to provide the Username and Password for the email account that you are configuring.
            5. Click Save.
            6. Choose the newly added email address from the Set as Default Account drop-down list.
            7. Click Go to my default mail account.

            You also need to select the same email address as your Mailbox. The email address that you select here will be used when you send emails to the leads, contacts, etc. from the CRM account.

            1. Log in to Zoho CRM.
            2. Click Setup > Add-ons > Zoho Mail Add-on.
            3. In the Zoho Mail Add-on page, do the following:
              • Choose the mailbox that you want to configure with CRM.
              • Choose the Account Type.
            4. Click Save.
            Note: The email conversations with be listed in the Related Lists based on the mailbox that you have selected.

            Updated: 04 Nov 2015 02:13 AM
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