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            How do I create a test ticket by myself?

            How do I create a test ticket by myself?

            If you've signed up for a free trial of Zoho Desk, you are ready to create your first test ticket. Before that did you notice that we'd sent you a welcome email that was added as a ticket? Here is an excerpt of it -

            Welcome to Zoho Desks new Unified Ticket Screen. Here, you have complete context of the ticket. Now that you had received your first ticket, did you notice that it has been assigned to you? To respond to this ticket smartly, check out the Auto-Suggested Solutions in the pane to your left.

            When you're done composing your response, you may send it and close the ticket.

            Whatever action you perform, be rest assured that you can always track them under the ticket's history. With that, you're one step closer to delivering top-notch customer service!

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            1 888 900 9646

            This sample ticket helps you learn the baby steps before you take the plunge. Now, getting back to creating your own test ticket, here are the steps:
            1. Imagine you are a customer and have questions about a product or a software. You will ideally write to the technical support team to find a solution. Similarly, from one of your personal email address (that wasn't used to signup for Zoho Desk) send in an email to your support mailbox. Your default support address will be support@<portalname>, where you should replace the <portalname> with that of yours. You could also refer to the sample ticket for your default support address.
            2. Now in your Zoho Desk account, you should find the email added as a ticket under 'Open Tickets' or 'Unassigned Open Tickets' view. 
            3. Click the subject of the ticket you'd just sent to view its details. 
            You can either write a response (to check out the editor), visit the ticket properties (to assess flexibility) or close the ticket.
            Updated: 22 Nov 2016 10:01 PM
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