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            How do I import notes into Zoho CRM?

            Notes in Zoho CRM are always associated to other records such as leads, contacts, deals etc. Simply export your existing records to a spreadsheet, add your notes in new columns and import those notes.

            To import notes

            1. Prepare your spreadsheet (either exported from CRM or a new sheet) with your notes for each record. Make sure you have the Note Title and Note Content columns in your sheet. Apart from these two columns, the spreadsheet must have a column for one of the unique fields for the chosen module - Email, Record ID or any other unique field.
            2. In your Zoho CRM account, click the required module.
            3. Click the [Module] tab.
            4. In the [Module] Home page, click Import Notes
            5. Browse the import file and upload it.
            6. When the file is uploaded, click Next
            7. Map the fields from the import file to those in Zoho CRM. The data from the first three columns in the import file will be available. Based on this data, formats for certain field will be added. This format can be edited, if required.
            • Click Mapped and Unmapped to view the columns that are mapped and not mapped respectively with the fields in Zoho CRM.
            • Select the Reset mapped fields checkbox to start mapping from scratch.
            • Click the Apply Auto Mapping link to let CRM map the import columns with matching fields.
            8. Click Import. The import action will be initiated. Notes can be seen in the respective record's details page. 

            Updated: 27 Dec 2017 04:08 AM
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