How do I import Notes, Tasks or Events and associate it to other records?

              You can import Tasks, Events and Calls only by using the Migrate Data from other CRM feature. While importing, you may also have to associate the imported tasks, events or calls with other records in Zoho CRM and assign them to different users. See Also Migrate from Other CRM   To import and associate with other records
            1. First migrate the records to which the activities have to be associated. If they are already imported, proceed to Step 2.
            2. Migrate the Tasks, Events, and Calls that are listed in separate CSV files. All the imported tasks, events, and calls will be assigned to you, by default.
            • If you want to migrate the activities and assign it to other users also, then you need to first migrate Users using the Migrate Data from Other CRM feature. Then add a column in the import file, with the user information to whom the record should be assigned.
            • There is no Overwrite option while importing tasks, events and calls.
            Updated: 27 Aug 2014 01:55 AM
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