How to add fields in an existing web form?

            In the form builder, you can drag & drop the fields you need and change the font style and size, background color, alignment of the fields, etc.

            To add fields in an existing web form
            1. Click Setup > Website Integration > Web Forms.
            2. In the Web Forms page, choose the Module from the drop-down list.
              The existing web forms for the selected module will be listed.
            3. Click on the web form that you want to edit.
            4. Drag and drop the fields in the form builder.
            5. Click Next Step.
            6. Verify the other form details and click Save.
            • The fields displayed here are those available in the particular module's
              (Leads/Contacts/Cases/Custom Module) Field list.
            • To add a custom field in the web form, the field should be first added in the respective module.
            Updated: 29 Sep 2015 12:01 AM
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