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            How to manually log a ticket in Zoho Desk?

            Most businesses today serve their customers over the telephone. So, once an agent has heard what the customer wants over the phone, he should eventually log a ticket to acknowledge the problem.


            Zoho Desk provides an intuitive Add Ticket interface that allows you to quickly log a ticket. Here are the steps to add a ticket:
            1. From the Tickets module, hit the sign located in the top toolbar. 
            2. Specify the appropriate Department (if you've more than one), where the ticket should belong to. 
            3. Enter the requestor's Contact Name. You can select from the suggested contacts if the requestor is an existing user.
            4. Enter the requestor's Account Name. The account name field is auto filled when you've chosen, a suggested contact that has an account associated with it.
            5. Enter the requestor's Email Address and Phone. The email and phone fields are auto-filled when you've chosen, a suggested contact that has these details.
            6. Enter the Subject of your ticket besides, other ticket properties that add context to the customer's request.
            7. Click Submit
            The customer will receive an email acknowledgment with their ticket ID and other related information. 

            • The system will add a new Contact (with the name, email and other relevant details) when a ticket is raised for/by a requestor who doesn't exist yet. The same applies to Accounts and Products as well. 
            • You can add attachments while you create a ticket. Though you could upload multiple files, make sure that each of that file is within the size of 20 MB.
            • When an agent creates a new ticket, it defaults to the agent/submitter as its owner.
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