How to schedule mass emails in Zoho CRM?

            You can schedule mass e-mails by following these steps:

            1. Click the Leads/Contacts tab.
            2. In the Leads/Contacts Home page, click on more and select Schedule Mass Email.
            3. Click New Mass Mail Schedule.
            4. In the New Mail Scheduler page, follow these steps:

            a. Enter the Mass Mail Scheduler Name.
            b. Select the Custom View from the list.
            c. Select the Email Template from the list. See Also Email Templates
            d. Click the +Create Template link to create a template.
            e. Enter the relevant email addresses in the From and Reply To fields.
            f.  Choose from one of these options:
            • Your account's email address.
            • The organization's email address.
            • Email address of the record owner.
            5. Select the Active check box. Only then will the scheduled emails be delivered.
            6. Enter the Start Date and Time to schedule the emails. Enter the date in MM/DD/YYYY format, or select the date from the calendar displayed. Select the hours and minutes from the respective lists.
            7. Click Save. The system displays the View Mass Mail Schedule page.
            8. Click Edit or Delete, as required.
            9. Click Go Back. The Scheduler that you created is displayed under Mass Mail Schedulers.

            Updated: 04 Dec 2017 04:07 AM
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