Knowledge Base Article Views

            Knowledge Base Article Views

            The knowledge base in Zoho Desk is the information center for your customers to read through the articles and help themselves with their problems. Help desk administrators and agents who have profile permissions can create or edit articles in your knowledge base. Typically, articles can be confined to three states before they are published or visible to your customers in the Help Center. They are:
            • Pending Review
            • Drafts and 
            • Published
            Let us learn more about each of these article states and how you could access them.


            Pending Review
            A lot of the businesses often restrict its agents from publishing articles before they are reviewed by the administrators or the KB owners. This is to ensure that the knowledge base content is thorough and consistent. You can enable the review option while adding an article to send the same for review. 

            A draft is simply a knowledge base article that hasn't been published yet. You can save an article draft to continue working on it later. A draft article can then be sent for review or published directly. 

            Published articles are those that has been completed and are visible for your other agents or customers in their Help Center. You can later edit a published article when required. The articles sent for review can be published by the reviewers when they are fit for publication. 

            Accessing Article Views
            Articles in the above-described states can be accessed under their Views. The Views, namely Pending Review, Drafts, and Published are listed for each of the categories, sections, and sub-sections in your knowledge base. To access the views:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (E.g., Tickets, Knowledge Base, etc.) 
            2. Select Knowledge Base from the Modules menu.  
            3. In the Category Home page, select Pending ReviewDrafts or All Drafts from the top of the page to view their respective articles.
              By default, the system will list the published articles.
            The system will display the Views only when there are articles available underneath them. You can further drill down and select a sub-section to view the draft articles or those that are pending review underneath it. 

            The All Drafts view is exclusive to the administrators, and it will list the drafts saved by all of your agents in your help desk. This is to ensure that the articles created by your agents don't go away with them when they leave your company.
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