Managing Article List Views

            Managing Article List Views

            Article List Views are beneficial for displaying articles that were published, drafted or pending review in your knowledge base. For example, you may be the KB owner interested in following-up on the articles that needs review or you may want to filter out the articles that were meant for your internal agents. The best way to handle these scenarios is to filter the articles using the list views. You can also use the article List Views for updating article permissions, adding tags, deleting articles in bulk and moving articles between sections.

            Set Display Preferences
            By default, Zoho Desk will display only 10 articles per page. However, you can click the Preferences icon ( ) to choose the number of records to be displayed on a page. A maximum of 50 articles can be viewed per page. The system will remember your selection, the next time you access article list views. 

            Besides this, you can sort the articles based on 3 different parameters, namely:
            • Article Title
            • Created Time and
            • Modified Time
            Click the Preferences icon ( ) to sort your knowledge base articles by one of the above parameters.


            Sort Article Order
            Articles in the list view can be sorted by the latest or oldest order. You can click the Sort icon
            ( ) to sort the articles by age. 

            Mass Actions in Article List Views
            Article List View allows you to perform certain updates to many articles at once. This way, you need not fiddle with each of your articles and can save a lot of your time. You can perform the following mass actions on articles:
            • Update Articles
            • Delete Articles
            • Move Articles
            You can perform the above said bulk actions even to a lone article.


            I. To update one or more article(s)-
            1. Select the article(s).
            2. Click Update from the mass actions list.
            3. Select the field to be updated and specify the new values for it.
              You can update the permission or add a tag.
            4. Click Save.                                                                                                                                  
            II. To delete one or more article(s)-
            1. Select the article(s).
            2. Click Delete from the mass actions list.
            3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Ok.
            III. To move one or more article(s)- 
            1. Select the article(s).
            2. Click Move To from the mass actions list. 
              You must specify a section (and a sub-section if existing) to move the articles underneath it.
            3. Click Move.  
            Please note that you cannot move the articles between your KB categories created in Zoho Desk.
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