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            Managing your Support Contracts

            It is quite common for support centers to maintain an agreed level of support with their customers. It is defined by the service level agreements that are created for individual accounts. Such SLA policies between you and your customers can be enforced for a period by creating contracts in your help desk. 

            Zoho Desk allows you to create contracts with a customizable date for commencement and expiry, along with alerts that will keep you notified about their expiry. It helps you to serve different customers differently and thereby improve customer satisfaction.

            • Contract management is available only in the Enterprise edition of Zoho Desk.
            • Only users with Profile permission for managing Help Desk Automation can access this feature.
            • You cannot add more than one contract for an account, which will run concurrently or with different time lines.
            • You cannot create incident-based or service hour-based support contracts.

            Adding Contracts
            You can add a contact from an account's detail view page. Because the SLA policies define contracts, you must first create an SLA before adding a contract. 
            To add a contract:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (For e.g. Tickets, Customers, etc.) 
            2. Select Customers from the Modules menu. 
            3. In the Contacts Home page, click the Accounts tab in the lower-left corner.
            4. In the Accounts Home page, select an account to view its details.
            5. In the Account Details page, click the SLA & Contract icon () in the upper left area.
            6. Under SLA & Contract Information section, click Add SLA.
            7. In the Add SLA page, select the SLA from the drop-down menu.

            8. Click Create Contract for this Account and do the following:
              • Choose the Contract Owner from the drop-down menu.
              • Enter a Name for the contract.
              • Enter the Contract Number.
              • Specify the Product Name to be associated with the contract.
              • Select the Contract Period.
                You can choose from the following options: Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, and Custom.
              • When you select Custom, you must specify the Start Date and End Date for the contract.
              • Optionally, enter a description in the Description field.
              • Select the users to be notified from the Expiry Notification field.
                The selected users will receive a notification email before the contract is about to expire.
              • Specify the number of days before the contract expiration date, should the notification be sent.
            9. Click Save.

            Editing Contracts
            When you add a contract for an account, it can be accessed from Support Contracts under Setup. Here, you can choose to edit the contract details like the SLA, start date, end date, etc.,
            To edit a contract:
            1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            2. In the Setup Landing page, click Support Contracts under Automate.
            3. In the Contracts List page, select the Edit icon ( ) corresponding to a contract.
            4. Make the necessary changes to the contract.
            5. Click Save.

            Sort and Filter Contracts
            Depending on the order you would like to view the contracts an option to sort them has been provided in the Contract List View. 
            You can sort the contracts by:
            • Account Name
            • Contract Name
            • End Date
            • Start Date
            • Created Time and 
            • Modified Time

            You can also click the   icon to sort the contracts by newest to oldest or oldest to newest. Also, you may be interested in viewing the contracts by their owners. In such cases, click the Contract Owner filter and select an agent to view the contracts that are owned by them. 

            Delete Contracts
            Contracts can be deleted when not in use. When you delete a contract, it will be permanently removed from your help desk and cannot be recovered.
            To delete a contract:
            1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            2. In the Setup Landing page, click Support Contracts under Automate.
            3. In the Contracts List page, hover your mouse pointer and click the Delete icon ( ) corresponding to a contract.
            4. Click Ok to confirm.

            • Deleting a contract will not delete the SLA policy associated with it.
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