Marking Support Tickets as Spam

            Zoho Desk automatically helps identify spam and suspicious emails to save you from having to delete them manually. It works by finding patterns across messages and learning from what Zoho Desk and Zoho Mail users like you commonly mark as spam. You can view such tickets under a separate view called Spam Tickets. You can also manually mark tickets as spam so that the undesired emails don't clutter your ticket list.

            To mark a ticket as spam:
            1. Open the ticket you want to mark as spam.
            2. Click the More Actions icon (  ) icon in the upper-right corner of the page.
            3. Click Mark Spam from the drop menu. 

            The ticket is marked as spam and moved to the Spam Tickets view. Also, the requestor of the spam ticket will be suspended immediately. You can also mark a bunch of tickets as spam from the ticket list view.

            There are chances that legitimate tickets are marked as spam. You can unmark such tickets so that you can work with them.

            To unmark tickets as spam:
            1. Select Tickets from the Modules menu.
            2. Click the List View icon (  ) from the top bar.
            3. On the left pane, under Views, select Spam Tickets.
            4. Open the ticket you want to unmark as spam.
            5. Click Not Spam at the bottom of the Ticket Details page.
            6. Click OK to confirm.  
            The ticket is put back into the appropriate View.

            Reporting Spam to Zoho
            If you find legitimate tickets wrongly classified as spam, please send us their full email headers to Our Anti-Spam team will analyze the headers and if found genuine will add them to the exception list.

            Updated: 14 Nov 2016 10:11 PM
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