How do I change the login password for Zoho?

            Change Account Password

            The Zoho Mail users can change their Password from the General section in Zoho Mail Suite. 

            Steps to change the current Password: 

            1. Log in to
            2. Click Settings >> General 
            3. Select Change Password
            4. Provide the current Password and New Password for the account.
            Steps to 'Request Password'  when you have Forgotten Password: 

            Steps for Super Admins : 
            1. Login to as Super Administrator
            2. Click Control Panel >> User Details 
            3. Select the user and select 'Reset Password' 
            4. Provide the new password, confirm the password and provide Admin Password
            If you are a personal user : 
            1. Launch the page
            2. Click Forgot Password
            3. Provide your login email address (Primary non Zoho email address)
            4. The Password reset link will be emailed to the Primary email address, you have chosen for your account
            Updated: 29 Jun 2016 01:44 AM
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