Searching Records in your Help Desk

            Searching Records in your Help Desk

            The Search option helps to locate records like Tickets, Customers, Articles, Products and Tasks without having to go through the entire list, thus saving time in finding them. There are three kinds of search options available in Zoho Desk:
            1. Quick Search
            2. Advanced Search
            3. Search Records by Alphabets (Customers module only)
            Quick Search
            Quick Search enables you to search for specific record(s) from all of your modules or a particular module by entering the search keywords. You can specify the modules in which the search should be carried out.
            To perform a search:
            1. Enter the search keywords in the search box.
              Zoho Desk predicts what you're looking for and starts to show results for your search from the current module. 
            2. If you would like to search through all of the modules, click All inside the Predictions box.
            3. Click the Search icon ( ) to switch between modules. You can also choose to search in the current department or all of your departments.
            4. Press Enter

            The records matching the search criteria will be listed. Once you are on the search results page, you can toggle between the modules on the left panel. Please note that module refers to the Tickets, Customers (Contacts & Accounts), Tasks, etc. Your current module is displayed in the upper-left corner of your Zoho Desk.

            Advanced Search
            Advanced search enables you to search records by specifying custom search criteria.
            To search records using criteria:
            1. On the Module home page, click Search at the top of the page.
              When the label is clicked, the search area will transition into a bar.
            2. Click the Search icon (  ) on the search bar.
            3. Click Advanced Search on the search drop-down list.
            4. On the Advanced Search page, specify the filter criteria and the keywords to search for.
              You can use the AND/OR combinations between the filter properties. 
            5. Click Search

            You can create a custom view out of the search criteria to access them in future. To create a custom view of the advanced search parameters, click Save as Custom View on the search results page.

            Search Records by Alphabets
            You can search for contacts and accounts within the Customers module by clicking the alphabet links displayed on to your right. It directly takes you to the matching records that starts with the selected alphabet.
            To search by alphabet:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar. (E.g., Tickets, Customers, etc.) 
            2. Select Customers from the Modules menu.
            3. On the Contacts Home page, click an Alphabet from the list. 
            The page displays the list of matching contacts that start with the selected alphabet. You can switch to the Accounts module and follow the above steps to search for accounts. Also, the alphabet search option will search records by their First name. If you want to search records by the Last Name, you need to change the Name Format under Setup.

            Sort and View Search Results
            While you perform a quick search, you can sort the search results according to your preference.
            You can sort the results by:
            • Modified Time
            • Relevance

            The Modified Time function will list the recently modified records at the top. While sorting by relevance will fetch the records based on the number of times your keywords appear in a record.

            By default, Zoho Desk displays 10 records per search results page. However, you can click the More Actions icon (  ) to choose the number of records to be displayed on a page. A maximum of 50 records can be viewed per page.

            • The option to sort the search results is not available for Advanced Search.
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