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            Setting up Data Sharing Rules

            The Data Sharing Rules, allow you to define access rights for users to the various modules in your help desk. You can provide the following types of access levels in Zoho Desk modules:
            • Private: Only the record owner and his/her superior can view the record.
            • Public Read-only: Users can view others' records but cannot modify and delete the records.
            • Public Read/Write/Delete: Other users can view, modify and delete the records.

            Key Features
            • By default, all the modules have a Private option.
            • If the Organization-wide permission is set as Public Read/Write/Delete, everyone can access and update all the users’ data. Role Hierarchy will not be applied in this case.
            • If the Organization-wide permission is set as Read Only, everyone can only view the other users' records. In this case, other users cannot modify the owner's records.
            • If the Organizational permission is set as Private, Role Hierarchy can be applied.
            • In the Import History, records that belong to you and your subordinates (if any) will always be shown.
            • All the Attachments, Comments, Tasks and Time Entries belonging to a record are accessible if you can view that record.

            To manage default permissions:
            1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            2. In the Setup Landing page, click Permissions under Organization.
            3. Under Permissions menu, click Data Sharing.
            4. In the Data Sharing Settings  page, click Edit All Default Permissions.
            5. In the Edit Default Organization Permissions page, update the following Access Privilege for modules:
              • Private
              • Public Read Only
              • Public Read/Write/Delete
            6. Click Save.

            • The organization-level data sharing permission is not supported for modules like Chat, Social, Community, Reports, and Dashboards.
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