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            Setting up Fields Permissions

            With the field-level security, you can control the access rights of help desk fields for various profiles. This will ensure smooth security at the field-level, allowing users to access the fields that are relevant to their job profile. If needed, you can also enable or disable views or edit permissions for all the fields except the mandatory ones.


            To manage field-level access:
            1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            2. In the Setup Landing page, click Permissions under Organization.
            3. Under Permissions menu, click Field Level Security.
            4. In the Field Permissions page do the following:
              • Select Profile from the drop-down list.
              • Select Module from the drop-down list. 
                All the fields available in the selected module will be listed. By default, Visibility will be selected for all the fields.
            5. Click Edit.
            6. Select or clear the check boxes for the fields according to your organization’s field-level access control requirements.
              • Visibility - The fields will be visible to the users, and they will be editable based on the user's profile permissions.
              • Read Only - The fields will be visible in the read-only mode. It cannot be edited.
            7. Click Save.
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