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            Setting up your Facebook Channel

            The Facebook channel in Zoho Desk allows your customers to submit their support tickets using Facebook. Your agents can view, respond or convert the Facebook Page posts into tickets from within your help desk. The agent's response is added as a comment to the Facebook post. Also, when your customers leave a comment on the Page post, the comment is added to the ticket in Zoho Desk.

            In addition to Page posts, you can configure your Facebook channel to convert Direct Messages into tickets. Direct Messages allows your customers to engage in a private conversation with agents. They also come handy when agents need specific information about customers to resolve their issues. For example, an order number or address.

            • Only users with Profile permission for managing Support Channels [Social] can access this feature.
            • It is recommended that you use your official Facebook account for authentication and to use this feature.
            • You cannot configure Facebook Business accounts in Zoho Desk. However, you can create and manage a Facebook Page from your personal account.
            • You cannot view or convert Facebook Wall Posts into tickets.

            Configuring the Facebook Channel
            You must add your Facebook account to monitor the posts and comment from within Zoho Desk.
            To set up your Facebook channel:
            1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            2. In the Setup Landing page, click Social under Channels.
            3. In the Twitter Integration page, click Facebook from the left panel.
            4. In the Facebook Integration page, click Configure Facebook Account.
            5. Enter your Facebook credentials, if you are not already logged in.
            6. Grant the various permissions when prompted.
            Your Facebook account will be added to Zoho Desk. Please note that you must have at least one Facebook page to set up the integration.

            Actions under the Social Tab
            After setting up the Facebook channel, your agents can:
            • View and respond to Page posts under the Social tab. The agent's response is added as a comment to the Facebook post. 
            • Monitor more than one Facebook Page within Zoho Desk. They need to toggle simply between the Pages to track their respective posts.
            • Convert a Page post into a ticket. When they create a ticket, the Facebook user will be added as a contact in your Zoho Desk.
            • Click the Show Ticket link to view the ticket created from a Facebook post.

            Auto-converting Posts into Tickets
            Zoho Desk allows you to auto-convert the Facebook Page posts into tickets. You can choose to convert all Page posts into tickets or only those matching the specified keywords. 
            To enable auto-convert:
            1. Click Setup > Social > Facebook.
            2. In the Facebook Integration page, click the Facebook Account Name.
            3. Enter the Search Keywords separated by, comma.
              Ignore this step if you'd like to convert all of your Page posts into tickets.
            4. Check the Capture Page Posts as Tickets option.
            5. Select the Facebook Pages for converting their posts into tickets.
              You can choose to capture all posts or only those that matches with your search keywords specified in Step 3.
            6. Click Save.
            If you have more than one active department, you can route the posts from a Facebook Page to the appropriate department. You can also choose to capture Page posts as tickets in a particular department when they do not match the specified keywords.

            Auto-converting Direct Messages into Tickets
            You can auto-convert the Facebook Direct Messages into tickets. While setting this up, you must specify the Append Duration, i.e., for how long should consecutive messages be threaded under a ticket before creating a new one. For example, if you set it as 'Always,' consecutive messages from a customer are threaded under the same ticket.
            To enable auto-convert:
            1. Click Setup > Social > Facebook.
            2. In the Facebook Integration page, click the Facebook Account Name.
            3. Check the Capture Direct Messages as Tickets option.
            4. Select a Facebook Page and specify the department where you wish to capture the messages as tickets.
              Also, specify the Append Duration. You can select from Always, Never, 12 Hours, 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month and 2 Months.
            5. Click Save.

            Adding Facebook User to a Contact
            You can add Facebook users to contacts so that you could view the complete history of their tickets in Zoho Desk. This way, you can gain intelligence that is required before you respond to them on Facebook. Also, it will help you to move the conversation to a more formal channel like email.
            To add a Facebook user:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar.( For e.g. Tickets, Customers, etc.) 
            2. Select Customers from the Modules menu. 
            3. In the Contacts List page, hover your mouse pointer and click the Edit icon ( ) corresponding to the contact.
            4. In the Edit Contact page, click the Search icon ( ) in the Facebook field.
            5. Select a Facebook user from the list.
              You can use the search option to locate a specific user.
            6. Click Add to associate the user with the contact.
            7. Click Save.

            Facebook Reauthorization
            There are instances when Zoho Desk fails to connect with your Facebook account. The most common reasons are changing the password for your Facebook account or choosing the option “Log me out of all devices” after a password change. Facebook may also require you to reauthorize your account due to a security update or an error in their platform. 

            Zoho Desk will duly notify you about the deauthorized Facebook account within the product. You can visit the Facebook Integration page under Setup, and click Reauthorize corresponding to the Facebook account.

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