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            Setting up your Twitter Channel

            Monitor your Twitter accounts from inside Zoho Desk and also use it as one of the effective channels for better customer support and engagement. Zoho Desk for Twitter allows you to convert tweets to tickets and helps you keep track of the social activities of your customers. The tweets turned into tickets can be viewed as all other tickets in Zoho Desk. All ticket responses will be added as a reply to the original tweet and vice versa.

            • Only users with Profile permission for managing Support Channels [Social] can access this feature.
            • It is recommended that you use your official Twitter account for authentication and to use this feature.

            Benefits of Twitter Integration
            • Monitor and respond to Mentions and Direct Messages from inside Zoho Desk.
            • Convert tweets into tickets in one of your desired departments. 
            • Move the Twitter conversation to email so that you could communicate beyond 140 characters.
            • Capture @mentions and Direct Messages as tickets when they match your search keywords.
            • Stay notified about viral activities when they happen on your Twitter accounts.

            Configuring your Twitter Channel
            You must add your Twitter account to monitor the tweets and messages from inside Zoho Desk.
            To set up your Twitter channel:
            1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            2. In the Setup Landing page, click Social under Channels.
            3. In the Twitter Integration page, click Configure Twitter Account.
            4. Enter your Twitter credentials, and click Authorize App.
            Your account is added to Zoho Desk and listed on the Twitter integration tab. You can now customize the account's settings for handling tweets in your help desk.

            Capturing Mentions and DMs
            You can automatically convert all the Mentions and Direct Messages into tickets or only those that matches with your specified search keywords.
            To configure tweet handling:
            1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            2. In the Setup Landing page, click Social under Channels.
            3. In the Twitter Integration page, click the Twitter Account Name.
              • To capture [All Mentions and Messages] as tickets -
                • Check the Capture @Mentions as Tickets option and select All @Mentions.
                • Check the Capture Direct Messages as Tickets option and select All Direct Messages.
              • To capture [Mentions and Messages matching keywords] as tickets -
                • Enter the Search Keywords separated by, comma.
                • Check the Capture @Mentions as Tickets option and select Only @Mentions matching search keywords.
                • Check the Capture Direct Messages as Tickets option and select Only Direct Messages matching search keywords.
            4. Click Save.


            If you have more than one active department, you can capture the tweets as tickets in the appropriate department. You can also choose to capture tweets as tickets in a particular department when they do not match the specified keywords.

            Emergency Escalation
            Failing to respond to customer's pain in times of crisis can irreversibly tarnish your brand reputation. Emergency Escalation in Zoho Desk will keep you informed about the activities that turn viral in your Twitter account. Zoho Desk will continually monitor your account for a flurry of tweets that matches the specified keywords within a particular period.


            To set up emergency escalation:
            1. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top bar.
            2. In the Setup Landing page, click Social under Channels.
            3. In the Twitter Integration page, click the Twitter Account Name.
            4. Click Emergency Escalation under the Search Keywords box and do the following:
              • Select the User to be notified
              • Select the notification type. You can choose between Email or SMS.
              • Select the number of tweets and the time period to trigger alert.
              • Enter the Keywords to be monitored.
            5. Click Save.
            • You must have configured the SMS Add-on to send SMS notifications to agents.

            Actions under the Social Tab
            After setting up the Twitter channel, your agents can simply toggle between the @Mentions and Direct Messages tab of your Twitter account under the Social tab. They can also:
            • View the public mentions and direct messages under the Social tab. 
            • Perform regular tweet actions like Retweet, Favourite, and Reply.
            • Use the search bar to look for the old tweets.
            • Convert a tweet into a ticket.
            • Click the search keywords (configured under setup) from the left panel, to view their related tweets.
            • View the profile of the Twitter user. You can find details like the number of tweets sent, recent tweets, followers, etc.

            Adding Twitter User to a Contact
            You can add Twitter users to contacts to view the complete history of their tickets in Zoho Desk. This way, you can gain intelligence that is required before you respond to them on Twitter. Also, it will help you to move the conversation to a more formal channel like email.
            To add a Twitter user:
            1. Click the [Module] Tab from the top bar.( For e.g. Tickets, Customers, etc.) 
            2. Select Customers from the Modules menu. 
            3. In the Contacts List page, hover your mouse pointer and click the Edit icon ( ) corresponding to the contact.
            4. In the Edit Contact page, click the Search  icon ( ) in the Twitter field.
            5. In the Users List page, click Add corresponding to the user you want to associate with this contact.
              You can use the search option to locate a specific user.
            6. Click Save.
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