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            Support Customers from your Own Domain (Domain/Host Mapping)

            Provide customer support from your own domain with Zoho Desk. By default, the web address of your Help Center is a Zoho Desk subdomain such as "<mycompany>". However, you can personalize this so that your customers can submit their tickets from a subdomain, such as ''. This feature is called domain/host mapping.

            Here is an example: You have a company called Bay & Co., and are using Zoho Desk for customer support. By mapping your subdomain (of with Zoho Desk, customers can access your help desk at '' instead of ''. This way, your agents can also access their support portal at ''.

            • The domain mapping instructions in this document will apply only to your agent interface and the default Help Center.

            Before providing your domain in Zoho Desk, there are a few settings that must be configured in your domain registrar's control panel.
            1. Add a subdomain (E.g., to your main domain, which will be used as your address for customer support. You can get help from the hosting provider's website for instructions on adding a subdomain.
            2. Create a CNAME entry and point it to Zoho Desk. This is to create an alias of your default Zoho Desk address.

            Create a CNAME
            To create CNAME and point it to Zoho Desk:
            1. Sign in to your domain registrar's control panel.
            2. Access the 'DNS Management' settings to change the DNS records. If you can't locate DNS Management, look for options like 'Advanced Settings' or 'Name Server Management'.
            3. Create or edit a CNAME (or Canonical Name) record and point it to "".
              If you are accessing help desk at "", point your CNAME to "".
            Changes to the DNS system are not immediate; it may take some time for them to take effect. 

            Configure your domain address
            Now that you've completed the prerequisites, you must move on to Zoho Desk to specify the new domain address. 
            To configure your domain address:
            1. Log in to Zoho Desk with Administrator privileges.
            2. Click the Setup icon ( ) in the top menu.
            3. Click Rebranding under the Organization menu.
            4. Click Domain Mapping under the Rebranding sub-menu.
            5. Provide your Domain URL for customer support. 
              From the example above, this would be where you'd enter ''.

            6. Click Save.

            After the support domain has been configured successfully, you can click Edit or Delete to modify or remove the domain mapped to your help desk.

            • Make sure to provide a valid domain address in Zoho Desk. Otherwise, you will be redirected to a '404' error page.

            Group SSL Certificates
            SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are used to establish a secure, encrypted connection between your browser and our servers. You must request a Group SSL certificate and have it installed through Zoho. This process may take up to 3 business days . Installation and renewal of the SSL will be taken care by Zoho, at no cost to you. To request an SSL, write to us at with the details of your support domain address.

            Without an SSL certificate, your customers will experience the following certificate error when they access your Help Center:

            • Wildcard or other SSL certificates purchased from third-party vendors cannot be installed in Zoho Desk.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            1. I had configured an incorrect domain in my help desk and got locked out of my account.
            Visit this URL:<portalname>/ to access your Zoho Desk account.  Please make sure to enter the correct domain URL and save your settings.

            2. Once I map my domain, can agents and customers access our help desk at
            Yes. When users access "", their browser will be automatically redirected to your mapped domain. 

            3. I haven't installed the SSL certificate. Will users be able to access our support domain configured in Zoho Desk?
            Technically, yes. Users could ignore the security certificate alert and proceed to access your help desk. However, we recommend purchasing an SSL certificate to secure your customers' information.

            5. How can I renew the SSL certificate purchased for my domain?
            For your convenience, we will renew your SSL certificate automatically, unless otherwise instructed at 

            5. Will notification emails sent from Zoho Desk use the new domain address?
            Yes. All user notification emails including invitations, approvals, escalations, etc., will be sent using the new domain address. The change will take effect once your domain has been mapped.

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