The custom fields that I create for leads do not get transferred when I convert the leads to an account. Why?

               The custom field values will not be transferred while converting a lead to account, for these reasons:
            • The custom fields have not been created for the Contacts, Accounts and Deals - You need to first create the fields in the Accounts, Contacts and Deals modules.
            • The custom fields are not mapped with the fields in Contacts, Accounts and Deals - You need to map the custom fields in leads with those in the other modules.
                 To map fields
            1. Click Setup > Customization > Modules.
            2. Select the Module from the Module List view.
            3. Select the desired module and click Map Dependency Fields.
            4. In the Map Dependency Fields page for the selected module, click New.
                  5. Select the Parent Field from the drop-down list view.
                  6. Select the Child Field from the drop-down list view.
                  7. Click Next.
                  8. Select the values for each parent field value.
                  9. For example, if the parent field is Product Edition, select the Features available for the selected Edition.
                10. Click the Previous or Next links, if required, to map all the Parent field values to the Child field values.
                11. Click Save.

            Updated: 11 Aug 2017 03:54 AM
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