Ticket Timeline View

            The Timeline view provides an overview of the tickets received from a customer over the recent past. It will fetch the tickets received from a contact and presents them in chronological order.

            Advantages of Timeline View
            • It helps your agents to know whether the customer is new or returning. 
            • You can drive targeted engagement by assigning the ticket to an agent who has handled the customer on previous occasions.
            • Determine your customer's frame of mind by looking at their rating on previous tickets.
            • Understand the context of the current ticket by looking at the solutions offered previously. 
            • Merge tickets if you have received more than one about the same issue.

            To view the timeline of a ticket:
            1. Open a ticket to view its details. 
            2. Click the Timeline icon ( ) in the upper-left corner of the top pane.
            The timeline will display the Subject, Ticket Owner, and Status of the tickets received from the customer. If there aren't any prior tickets, the timeline will display the current ticket.


            To merge tickets in the timeline:
            1. Open a ticket to view its details. 
            2. Click the Timeline icon ( ) in the upper-left corner of the top pane.
            3. Check the tickets you want to merge in the timeline.
            4. Click Merge at the bottom of the timeline.
            5. Select the fields from the tickets, for its data to be retained in the Master Ticket.
            6. Click Merge again. 

            Here are some Tips to help you Merge Tickets:
            • You cannot merge more than three tickets at an instance. 
            • The ticket that was first created in your help desk is considered as the master ticket. You can also specify the master ticket (by their Ticket Id) to be created. 
            • The master ticket will keep the date and time of its creation besides other read-only or hidden field values.
            • The values that are selected amongst the tickets will be merged into the master ticket. 
            • All the records including attachments, tasks, products, etc., from the other tickets, will be added to the master ticket. 
            • Please exercise caution as you cannot undo or revert a ticket merge.
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