Ticket Views: Thread and Conversation/Nested

            Ticket Views: Thread and Conversation/Nested

            Zoho Desk allows you to view the details of a ticket in two different ways. You can view a ticket either as threads or as a conversation. Let us look at these detail view types in a little more detail below. 

            Conversation View
            The conversation view is where the thread exchanges and the comments are displayed in one place, making it easier for you to understand the context of a ticket. You can read through the conversations and the related comments inline without switching between the tabs. You can differentiate between a thread and a comment with certain subtle visual cues. 


            In the above screen, the first one is a comment from an agent and the second is the email thread received from the customer. A comment will also display whether it is private or public.

            Thread View
            All email exchanges between you and your customer are grouped into threads. These threads are listed chronologically where the latest interaction stays at the top. The comments, either private or public can be viewed under the Comments tab.


            Tickets open to the Conversation View when you access them for the very first time. However, you can switch between the views from the header of a ticket. The system will remember your choice of view, the next time you open a ticket.

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